Perfect Solution

acrylics provide long-lasting shine

The benefits of acrylic nails are long wear and high shine. We use high quality acrylic tips and premium acrylic solution to create the perfect nail of your chosen style and length. You will have beautiful, strong nails in the color of your choice. Or if you prefer the classic look of a French manicure, choose Pink & Whites for natural glamour.

Dip into a new nail trend

Dip powder is a safe, healthy, quick-setting alternative to acrylic nails. Acrylics and dips both harden through chemical reactions that bond short chains of molecules into long ones, called polymers, solidifying the nail in the process. Because of their chemical make-up, dip nails are softer and more flexible than acrylic nails. Our experienced nail technicians will be happy to discuss the pros and cons of acrylic nails and dip powders and help you choose the product that’s perfect for your personal lifestyle and preferences.  

Nail art and other extras

To keep your acrylic nails in Cape Coral or nails in Fort Myers in the best shape possible, we offer nail repair services at no charge! In the unlikely event you need to have an acrylic nail removed or reshaped, we are happy to do just the one nail for you, saving you time and money over having your entire set replaced. Are you sporting natural nails? Keep them looking well-groomed with a Buff & Polish service or pamper your hands with a Paraffin treatment to keep them soft and smooth. And who doesn’t like a little glitter in their lives?! Our nail shop offers glitter and artwork too! You’ll be pleased with our nail salon prices, and positively delighted with our services.

Pricing Starting at

Dip Powder on Natural Nails$35
Acrylic Full Set-Regular Polish$40
Acrylic Full Set-Shellac Polish$50
Custom Colored Acrylic or Glitter$50*
Acrylic Fill with Regular Polish$30
Acrylic Fill with Shellac Polish$40
Fill w/ Custom Colored Acrylic or Glitter$40*